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Brief History of the Council
The Government of West Bengal has established the West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, under West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education, Act 1975. The council is the main body which looks after the education system in the 10+2. The council has its main office at Salt Lake, Bidhannagar, Korunamoyee, Kolkata along with 4 regional offices.

The Council is a body corporate with perpetual succession and a common seal, and is entitled to acquire, hold and dispose of property, to enter into contracts and to do all other things necessary for the purposes of this Act and shall by its name sue and be used. Its functions are executed through an Organisation Structure.

The Council consists of members like The President appointed by the State Govt.and other ex-oficio members like: The President of the Board of Secondary Education-Ex Officio, The Director of School Education-Ex-Officio, The Director of Technical Education-Ex-officio, The Director of Industries-Ex-officio, The Director of Agriculture-Ex-Officio, The Director of SCERT-Ex-officio etc.

Members of the Council

It is the duty of the Council to advise the State Government on all matters relating to Higher Secondary Education referred to it by the State Government. The Council has the power to direct, supervise and control the Higher Secondary Education in the State.

The major functions of the Council are to :

  1. assess periodically the Educational needs at higher secondary level at the state and lay down the General policy for the development of the Higher Secondary Education;
  2. provide for inspection of Recognised Institutions;
  3. provide by regulations, the curriculum, syllabus, the courses of studies to be followed and the books to be studied in Recognised Institutions;
  4. undertake the preparation, publication and sale of Text Books and other books for use in the Recognized Institutions;
  5. institute Higher Secondary Examination for the purposes of the Act;
  6. and to publish results of examination instituted by the Council and to award certificates and scholarship thereof;
    The Higher Secondary Course shall consist of two parts, i.e. Class XI and Class XII. The curriculum of Higher Secondary Course shall consist of
    1. Two language subjects one each from Group 'A' and Group 'B' of Schedule II
    2. Three compulsory elective subjects, one each to be chosen from any group
    3. One optional elective subject to be chosen from the groups remaining after the selection of compulsory elective subject.
After completing secondary school examination, students enroll for 2 years in Higher Secondary Institutions. Upon completing the required coursework, students may enroll in general or professional degree programmes.